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Vermouth made with a base of Moscato, with an ABV of 21%


The personality is given by a selection of organic spices and fruit, which give this vermouth an intense, bittersweet and fruity flavor profile, very cherry forward and spicier than your average vermouth

Francesco Dionese, vermouth, the jug


Vermouth is a fortified wine, spiced with a selection (usually a secret recipe) of spices, herbs and fruit.

Gained popularity in Torino, a city in the region Piemonte, in the north west of Italy in the late 1700s. Still to these days, with vermouth now widely known and consumed all over the world, the most popular brands are still made in Torino.

Originally consumed as an aperitif, thanks to the appetite stimulating properties of its herbs and spices, it soon found another purpose, in cocktails!

Many classic cocktails call for vermouth as an indispensable ingredient, such as the negroni, the manhattan, the americano...

The name comes from the word Wermut, german for wormwood, which originally was the main herb in vermouth.