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EXAMPLE: you want to organize a themed birthday party at a bar,

in this case Bar Mondo takes over either the whole bar or a section of it and provides a selection of cocktails designed for your night and around the Birthday Person

EXAMPLE: you own a bar and want to organize a themed night like something for Valentine's Day.

Bar Mondo comes in with glassware, tools, presentations, and organizes the cocktail design, preparation and service

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EXAMPLE: you are organizing a wedding at a winery or distillery and want the drinks to be special, entertaining, meaningful.

You give the idea to the Bar Mondo team and we'll provide with a list of option for cocktails, presentation, service from which you can choose from, then we'll make it happen

EXAMPLE: Bar Mondo organizes a pop up in a bar or restaurant during which showcases a selection of cocktails to educate about a period piece, or a new product, or the cocktail culture of a specific place... and you are invited...