Don't be bitter, drink bitter!

Amaros were BORN in Italy, each region makes at least one amaro, that is typical of that region and is made with local ingredients.

However most regions have a wide variety of amaros, with different levels of bitterness and sweetness. Among our favorites are San Simone from Piemonte, Amaro Montenegro from Emilia Romagna, Amaro Del Capo from Calabria, Cynar from Veneto

A Torinese Tale

Vermouth was invented in Torino, where still most of the best vermouths are made.

Like amaros its original purpose was medicinal, and it had the benefit of preserving wine that would otherwise go bad.

However, in a time where vermouth expanded its use into being an aperitif and the key ingredient in many cocktails, the flavor profile assumed a different importance. More and more people now make different kinds of craft vermouth using different herbs and roots and adjusting sweetness and bitterness. The quality of the vermouth in general went up, stakes are higher, there's more competition and you, the consumer, can enjoy better products choosing from a wider array of this fortified wines.

Our version at Bar Mondo is Incazzato, by Francesco Dionese. read more about our vermouth here

The Bitter Truth

Campari started making his bitter elixir 150 years ago in Novara, and from then, many other followed his steps and now we have various brands making their version of this phenomenal aperitif. However Campari is still the leader of its kind. Is the product both businesses and craft bartenders look at when making a Negroni or any other aperitif that requires an edgy bitterness to it. Now, who is going to compete? Who is going to propose the next craft bitter?