A malt based liqueur aperitif in which the barley is fermented, spiced and fortified.

The result is a BEER VERMOUTH

Is ready to be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif, and is especially designed to be mixed with grain based spirits, being also grain based, it blends and pairs harmoniously with such spirits.

In particular works really well with whiskey in Manhattan style drinks.

The pairing with Woodford Reserve Double Oak won 1st place at the regionals for New York, at the Master of the Manhattan competition organized by Woodford Reserve in 2016

Link for the competition

Original name of the beer vermouth: Hair of the Bulldog


I made this liqueur in London, while living there in 2014, it was originally crafted as a hair of the dog for when drinking too much beer and whiskey. The beer base and the grain fortifying spirit being the "hair".

Because of this I realized how well it pairs with whiskey, and I started using it in cocktails.

The result has been exceptional!

The intensity, full body and grain base balance beautifully with aged grain spirits, like whiskey


Intense, bittersweet, malty, rich, thick, spicy, fruity

The journey of a sip of this beer vermouth starts with the fragrance of the spices on the nose, a rich combination of the gentian and the juniper with smokiness of the caramel

as you sip the first sensation is the thickness of the body, which brings in the hops and the malt, followed by the fruitiness of the cherries and a long finish of the gentian and the cardamom


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