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Homemade meatballs Grandma recipe made with organic beef, served in a tomato gravy made with organic peeled tomatoes 

Inspired by a George Washington favorite, is an infusion of rye with cherries, orange peels and spices. On the lines of an old fashioned, with a bittersweet character and a cherry finish




A little Italian oasis in America

Mondo is about cocktails. We focus on bittersweet, herbal, and intense aromas that are typical of italy.


Italy is the birthplace of vermouths, bitters, and amaros. They are a staple in cocktail bars around the world and the base of classic italian apertifs and digestifs. Mondo proposes a celebration of these classic flavors with a modern take

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Stop overworking yourself and...



What do YOU want in life?

What do you get up every morning for?

What do you fight for?

You work hard everyday, struggle to do what you do the best you can, in an environment that is not always friendly and pleasurable;

but you carry on despite the obstacles, doing what you can with what you have, to reach your goal... 

until you MAKE IT!

but I wanna tell you something... 

Don't forget to ENJOY THE RIDE!

Because once everything is said and done, and you lay victorious on the battlefield, you will have in your hands a trophy to show others...

but what YOU are left with

are the memories of how you got there...

                                                       by Francesco Dionese     

Guest bartender ​Francesco Dionese presents


a 100% organic cocktail

bounce skinny.jpg

The BOUNCE is a whiskey based drink, spirit forward, falls into the category of "stirred drinks".

Has notes of cherry, orange and cinnamon.

All the ingredients used are certified organic.

It comes with a side of organic dark chocolate