I'm hardly a social person, or have particularly good social skills, I'm not "the life of the party"... but I realize how important social life is in a person existence, ANY person!

No matter how grumpy, reserved or solitaire a person thinks to be.

Imagine for a second to live all your life by yourself, in a place where you have any food you want, space, money, but with no other thinking beings around... no... we need other people as much as we need food. LIFE is in society.

Interactions, relationships, love and hate, friendship, fights, betrayals, are all part of social life and we humans need it!

I dedicate my working career to it.

I bartend, organize pop ups, craft drinks to elevate the quality of social moments

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The goal of Bar Mondo is to bring to the party a quality drinking experience, and do that through                  and bartending services