means putting quality first. Every cocktail made at Bar Mondo is crafted carefully using homemade products and products that come from trusted sources.

Each ingredient we use is selected for a specific reason, may that be it's nutritional properties, taste, consistency, color. And is extensively described, from where is from to the way it was made and its level of quality and purity.

This is our effort to provide a wholesome, nutritional, delicious drinking experience

ARTISANAL comes from the word "art" and the craft of a cocktail when using the best ingredients, creativity, flair is the creation of a masterpiece

ARTISANAL means choosing quality over quantity, it means to produce only as much as using natural, wholesome, non processed ingredients permits

ARTISANAL means being in touch with the customer, treat him or her as a person and not a number in an excel sheet

ARTISANAL means work closely with who provides us with the resources we use for our products and cocktails

ARTISANAL means no hurtful substances, GMO, shady ingredients are ever used in anything we serve

Everything we use is proudly stated on the ingredients list and for any extra information, if you want to know more about a certain product or ingredient don't refrain to ask, is a beautiful topic of discussion and it helps establish relationships among a community of people that share the same interests and values